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Hello and welcome to John Cook Photography and Totally Awesome Photo Booth. We are a full service photography studio featuring sports photography, family, senior, wedding and engagement photography along with the most fun photo booth around.
My background consists of many years as a photojournalist along with years with Forensic Photography experience. Take a look at my resume to view my past experience.

Resume :
Forensic Photographer
June-August 2012
Battlefield Forensics -Photography Instructor. Received the ABIC -Army Basic Instructor Certification

Forensic Photographer
September 2010 through January 2011
BAE Systems. Dalgren, Virginia.
Deployed to Bagram Afghanistan to photograph evidence and fingerprints recovered from IED related items.

Forensic Photographer
July 2006 through October 7, 2009.
Harding Security Associates. 7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 530
McLean, Virginia 22102
While employed in the United States duties included instructing soldiers in digital photography techniques to correctly photograph scenes, evidence and fingerprints at military bases across the United States. OCONUS duties included photographing fingerprints, producing video files from captured video equipment and producing stills from video files. Photographed at CEXC-IRAQ Biometrics Lab from June 28, 2007 to September 17, 2008. Digitally photographed over 10,000 fingerprints and used ALS, RUVIS and tungsten lighting.

Photographer-Evidence Custodian. Photographed fingerprints, weapon related evidence and also maintained the evidence inventory at Al Asad, Iraq from June 7, 2009 through October 7, 2009.

Forensic Photographer/ Forensic Evidence Technician.
December 1998 - July 2006.
Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency. 40 South Alabama, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Duties include collecting biological and physical evidence, attend and photograph autopsies, aerial photography, fingerprint photography, copy and edit videotapes for court proceedings, produce still photographs from videotapes and assemble presentations for various sections of the laboratory by using multimedia programs. Digital and film cameras both used for various assignments. Scan documents for presentation purposes.

Associates Degree – Photojournalism. Lansing Community College, Lansing Michigan

Associates Degree - Criminal Justice. Lansing Community College, Lansing Michigan

Also attended Indianapolis-University-Purdue University IUPUI in the New Media program

Certified Forensic Photography Certification Received certification with the International Association for Identification through testing and practical examination. October, 2002

Additional Training:
Digital Imaging of Evidentiary Photography In-Service. 80-hour course at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. April 2005

Digital Imaging of Evidentiary Photography. 80 hour course at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. April 2000

dTective Forensic Video Analysis . 32-hour course. Ocean Systems. Dorothy Stout. (800) 253-7516

Forensic Video Analysis and the Law. 40-hour course by the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association. May 2005. Jan Garvin. (703) 408-1166

Advanced Digital Imaging Enhancement Techniques. Forensic Identification Training Seminars hosted by the Mesa, Arizona Police Department. 24-hour course. March 2001. George Reis (714) 775-3120

Forensic Photography Workshop. 40- hour course at the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Dept. September 2000

Crime Scene Technology I and II. 80-hour course. Northwestern University Traffic Institute. May 1998

Field Evidence Technician. 80 –hour course. California State University and the Orange County Sheriff Department. June 1998

Evidence Technician I and II.80 –hour course. Institute of Forensic Imaging. Indiana University-Purdue University. September 1997. Jack Jacobia (317) 356-0245

Basic Fingerprinting Classification School. 40 -hour course A.E. Oldham and Associates. May 1998

Introduction To Electronic Digital Imaging. 24 –hour course. Institute of Forensic Imaging. June 1997. Jack Jacobia (317) 356-0245

Introduction To Crime Scene Photography. 24- hour course. Institute of Forensic Imaging. April 1998. Jack Jacobia (317) 356-0245

Crime Scene Photography. 40- hour course. Miami Metro-Dade Police Department. October 1999. Philip Sanfilippo. (305) 715-5022

Forensic Digital Imaging Workshop. 32-hour course. Institute of Forensic Imaging. June 1998. Jack Jacobia (317) 356-0245

Evidence Photography International Council Fall School. Dallas, Texas. October 1997

Forensic Digital Imaging Workshop. 40-hour course. Forensic Identification Training Seminars. San Diego. August 1998. George Reis (714) 775-3120

International Association for Identification 83rd International Educational Conference. July 1998. Little Rock, Arkansas. Seminars attended: Night Surveillance Photography, Introduction to Digital Imaging and Photographic Enhancement of Bloodstain and Patterns.

Court Testifying Basics. 24 hour class. Indianapolis Prosecuting Attorneys Office. April 2000

Other Work Experience:
Photographer – IUPUI - Sagamore College Newspaper 2002-2004
Deputy – Genesee County Sheriff Department. Flint, Mi 1995-1998
Photographer- McVey Marketing and Advertising, Linden, Mi 1986-1998
Photographer- Tri-County Times newspaper, Fenton, Mi 1995
Photographer- Flint Area Newspapers, Grand Blanc, Mi 1988-1993
Photographer – Tri-County News, Fenton, Mi 1978-1987
Photographer – Detroit Lions Magazine, Detroit, Mi 1983-1993 seasons
Photographer – Michigan Panthers USFL team photographer, 1983-1984 seasons

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